New Release of Enterprise BI Portal

Version 4.1 of the Perspective Enterprise BI Portal is here, and the latest visualization focused enhancements are stunning. Perspective Enterprise BI Portal is a “one-stop-shop” to bring together and harmonize heterogeneous reporting environments. For organizations adopting a bi-modal analytics strategy combining both traditional BI with modern BI, Perspective – Enterprise BI Portal solves the pains […]

Back it Up. Disaster Recovery in Azure

Hi Everyone. I hope you had a good week. The topic for the next few weeks is Backup / Disaster Recovery / Migration of workloads to Azure VM’s.   Azure Recovery Services is a management tool that enables organisation to configure and manage all their backup and DR requirements from a single place. It provides a […]

The complete Script: Create a VM in Azure

Hi Everyone and Happy Friday. Before starting a new topic next week, you can find below a complete script to create VM’s in Azure Resource Manager:   # Authenticate to Azure Account Login-AzureRmAccount # Select an Azure subscription   $subscriptionId =     (Get-AzureRmSubscription |      Out-GridView `         -Title “Select an Azure Subscription …” `         […]

Azure 360: PowerShell Commands

Hi Everyone. Let’s explore some PowerShell commands to make our VM creation script more functional and scalable. Once we logged tin to Azure account with: PS:>Login-AzureRmAccount We need to select which subscription we would like to perform the installation to. (If you have a single subscription, this step is not required). In my case, I have 3 […]

Azure 360. Tags in Azure

Welcome Back. I hope you had a great week. Let’s pick up from where we left last time. After planning carefully the naming convention and grouping assets using resource groups, there might be a need to further group assets for variety of reasons. Microsoft  provide us with the option to Tag resources. Tags are configured […]

Perspective ILM announces new product releases

Its with great excitement that we announce the latest major release of both Perspective Data Governor v5.0 and Perspective Enterprise BI Portal v4.0. Perspective ILM products have been expediting BI initiatives of our customers for the past seven years, and have continuously evolved based on customer feedback, and latest Microsoft technologies. Jen Underwood is hosting an […]