Box and Whisker (Jan Pieter)

This visualization is a more basic Box and Whisker visualization than the previously mentioned Box and Whisker (Brad). It provides the statistical information of your data set – such as the 1st and 3rd quartile (box), the median (line), the mean (dot).

The “whiskers” are either the minimum and maximum or the 1.5 IQR value.

There are 3 chart types available to choose from when editing this visual and you will see that whiskers are what changes between the chart types. The options to choose from are Tukey, Min/Max and 1.5 IQR:

  • The Min/Max chart type should be used when you want to highlight the min and max of your data set. This will be shown by the lower and high whiskers.
  • The Tukey chart type is best used when the distribution of the data points in your data set are more important.
  • The 1.5 IQR chart type is best used for the data set similar to that of the Tukey chart type, however, the whiskers length are now the same as the 1.5 IQR value (whereas the Tukey was within the 1.5 IQR of the 1st and 3rd quartile).

This visual is beneficial when you would like to view a summary of multiple data sets that relate in some way. The details for each data set are lined up next to each other in an easy to compare format within one widget.

B&W Jan