Forecast Everything

All Business Intelligence environments rely on some form of manually captured data that reflects judgements and decisions that take place in an organisation. Examples include: Forecasts and Targets/Budgets Assumptions (e.g. interest rates, decay rates, seasonal adjustments) What-If scenarios Typically data captured in spreadsheets is difficult to integrate with other systems, collection from multiple staff is […]

Vigil – Social Analytics Accelerator

Social Media is too significant a source of customer and market insight for most businesses to treat in isolation of their internal business analytics with the ability to drive key decisions on: Digital Advertising Effectiveness Consumer Sentiment Product and Service Design However, it can be challenging to create an integrated view faced with: Disconnected web […]

Enterprise BI Portal

Delivering a Single Enterprise-wide Portal for report consumption and connecting to data allows an organisation to establish a corporate knowledge base and an improved self-service experience. BizData delivers a turnkey framework for SharePoint 2013 (Perspective – Enterprise BI Portal) that features: A single catalogue for all visualisation across on-premises and cloud visualisation tools Business Term […]

Reporting and Data Visualisation

Businesses often have access to a myriad of visualisation tools but lack a framework to utilise them to correctly cater to different audiences. This often results in an overflowing library of reports and dashboards that are not context aware, are not clearly actionable, and as a result are often rarely used. BizData deliver an engagement […]