Narrative Science and BizData Join Forces

At BizData, we pride ourselves in selecting only the most innovative technology vendors that will help our customers unlock the total value of Power BI. Today, we’re excited to announce our latest collaboration with Narrative Science, the leader in advanced natural language generation for the enterprise. As a Narrative Science partner, we can now deliver […]

Launch of Power BI Custom Visuals

We are proud to announce the launch of two brilliant Custom Power BI Visuals available for you to download today.  Created by our talented Solution Advisory Team, the downloads include a sample Power BI desktop file demonstrating how the visual can be used as well as the visual itself. Parallel Co-ordinates The Parallel Co-ordinates visual […]

Calendar KPIs

The Calendar visual allows you to display your data on a Calendar. Displaying one calendar month at a time, each date shows the value of the selected measure on that day.  KPIs can also be added to the visual so that the shading on each date indicates performance against a target. An alternative to displaying […]

Mekko Chart

The mekko chart visual is a combination of a 100% stacked bar and 100% stacked column. The Mekko chart allows you to measure two values at the one time against different categories.  By adding a measure to the ‘Axis width’ field which will then set the width of the columns. It is important to note […]

Network Navigator

The Network Navigator visual is in beta testing as at August 2016.  The network navigator takes a dataset of relationships between nodes and displays it as a graph network diagram. This can provide insight into relationships that might otherwise not be easily apparent.   The colour of the nodes and the labels on the nodes […]

Pulse Chart

The pulse chart is a visual which displays a line over a series annotated with key events.  You can also set playback animation on the visual. The putting a value in the event field will set a dot at the selected date. The ‘Event Description’ field will show the description of the event when the […]

Radar Chart

The Radar chart is a visual which allows you to display multiple measures on a categorical axis. Both the category and the Y Axis category fields are required and the Y- axis field can have multiple measures. Each ‘Radar’ represents one measure in the Y-Axis.  The colour of each ‘Radar’ area can be customised.