Sankey is a type of flow diagram in which the width of the series is in proportion to the quantity of the flow.  The sankey diagram is useful in determining the relationship between two nodes and the amount of flow between them. Each node can be a either source or a target node.  There are […]


A visual that displays text in a scrolling animation. Both dimension attributes, measures or customer text can be displayed in the Scroller. The text size and colour and speed can be configured as well as indicator attributes. Using the ‘Deviation value’ field the text colour can be configured according to the value provided  a negative […]

Smart Filter

The smart filter allows you to filter a report by using a drop down box or to search available values by typing a few letters.  It allows multi selection. It can also display any filters selected on the filter option or selecting a value on a chart by configuring the ‘Observer mode’ under the ‘Search […]


The Sparkline is a small line chart without data labels traditionally showing trend over a time series. The chart requires the category and value fields being provided. There is a tooltip functionality which will display the values in the series as a list in category order. The tooltip is a default setting and cannot be […]


The stars visual is ideal for representing ratings. The number of stars can be changed and can be set to between 1 and 100. Decimal values are acceptable but will be rounded to 1 decimal place. The outline, Legend and colour of the stars is all customisable. The downside to this is that you can’t […]

Stream Graph

The stream graph is a variation of a stacked column chart and is used to displaying changes in values over time. The visual can be customised to display the stream in the centre of the graph (Wiggle flag = On) or rising from the bottom of the screen (Wiggle flag = Off). The wiggle option […]

Strippets Browser

The Strippets Browser is currently in Beta testing as at August 2016. The strippets browser is designed for providing visual summaries of documents on the report canvas. Clicking on a document will display the full document. It provides two different options for displaying this information and this can be changed in the following ways: The […]


The sunburst visual displays hierarchical data in concentric circles. The sunburst is a multilevel donut chart, where measures are depicted as a % and each concentric circle totals to 100%. The % of the chosen segment will always display in the centre of the chart, but labels can be turned on/off. You can’t configure the […]

Synoptic Panel

Allows you to visualise attributes from a dimensional model on a custom image. Images can be set to display different colours in different areas, or can also be customised to change the saturation level of each area providing a unique and relevant visual. When downloaded, the visual comes with a number of generic images, including […]

Table Heatmap

The table heatmap visual is an easy way to compare data in a visually intuitive way. Multiple measures can be added to the Y-Axis and each will form its own row. The number of colour buckets can be manually configured from 3-9 however, the values of the buckets is set automatically. The colorbrewer setting allows […]