Bullet Chart and Bullet Chart by SQLBI

These two visualizations are used to feature a single measure against a qualitative range and/or targets/goals. The Bullet Chart by SQLBI is a way to save space by replacing a bar chart that has multiple categories with a visual that contains those categories into one bar. This bar has features such as colouring, shading and […]


This visual offers a comparison of multiple categories in the format of bubbles. There is one bubble per category value, however, if there are multiple values for each category then there will be multiple bubbles of that colour. The size of the bubble is based on the measure. Note that the measure is set to […]

Brick Chart

This visualization displays the percentage breakdown of a dataset within 100 coloured squares. The breakdown can be summarized by sum, average, etc. To view the specified category or percentage, hover your mouse pointer over any square. The purpose of the Brick Chart is to offer a percentage breakdown of a category in an alternate format […]

Box and Whisker (Jan Pieter)

This visualization is a more basic Box and Whisker visualization than the previously mentioned Box and Whisker (Brad). It provides the statistical information of your data set – such as the 1st and 3rd quartile (box), the median (line), the mean (dot). The “whiskers” are either the minimum and maximum or the 1.5 IQR value. […]

Box and Whisker (Brad)

This visual provides a summarized view of an entire data set without excluding outliers, clusters, etc. behind means or medians but instead it illuminates them. In addition to seeing the data set’s symmetry and skewness, we can see a number of categories next to each other on a similar graph to easily compare these characteristics. […]

Bowtie Chart

The purpose of the Bowtie Chart is to present a swift comparison of the values for one or two categories. The branches of the bowtie offer a quick visual assessment for analysis due to their thickness. The data labels are displayed so hovering over certain parts of the chart is not necessary. This widget gives […]

Attribute Slicer

This visual acts as a filter for the entire dashboard and is also a spinoff of a horizontal bar chart. Based on a designated column in your data set, the slicer displays the distribution of that column in descending values on a bar chart with category labels. The purpose of the Attribute Slicer is to […]

Aster Plot

This visual is an advanced version of the original donut chart. The width of the donut slices is thicker based on the volume/count of the first value; this field is the Y Axis. The second value in the Y Axis is optional but will adjust the length of the slices within the donut chart. The […]

Advanced Time Slicer

This visual is a line chart that allows for a more detailed, magnified view on a select time period of an overall data set. The top chart displays a nominated time period in an enlarged line graph while the bottom line graph shows the data set over the entire time period. The top graph will […]