Network Navigator

The Network Navigator visual is in beta testing as at August 2016.  The network navigator takes a dataset of relationships between nodes and displays it as a graph network diagram. This can provide insight into relationships that might otherwise not be easily apparent.   The colour of the nodes and the labels on the nodes […]

Cluster Map

This visual offers a customizable display of related groups within a data set. The labelled groups are defined using image mosaics and can be arranged in a spiral layout around the dominant cluster or in a relational layout based on their degree of relatedness. Cluster maps are ideal when it is crucial to identify groupings […]

Wind beneath my Wings. Microsoft and Boeing join forces.

Boeing and Microsoft have announced a strategic partnership taking Boeing’s existing digital aviation analytics applications to the Azure Cloud Platform. “Boeing is working together with Microsoft, a leader in the technology space, to bring innovative operational efficiency solutions to global aviation customers,” explains Andrew Gendreau, the director of advanced information solutions in Boeing’s Digital Aviation […]

SQL Server 2016. It’s a Revolution

A convergence between the BI Developer and the Data Scientist. It’s revolutionary. SQL Server 2016 introduces an abundance of new capabilities, never before seen together in a single database platform. Introducing built-in advanced analytics capability, SQL Server 2016 provides scalability and performance for building and running your advanced analytics algorithms directly in the core SQL Server […]