Trick #2: Cool SharePoint 2013 Tricks for the Technically Challenged

​The SharePoint 2013 development team at Microsoft have put a fair amount of thought into what would make our lives easier when working with lists and libraries in SharePoint. How many of us have thought “wouldn’t it be great if we could just do some bulk edits to data in lists without having to open each one individually?” Well now we can.

The ‘Quick Edit’ function allows you to perform inline editing of list data. In a familar ‘datasheet’ view, you can add, delete and modify existing list data in rows and columns, similar to changing data in Excel. The coolest thing about this nifty bit of development is the ability to also copy and paste from other lists or documents or even from Excel, directly into the sheet.

‘Quick Edit’ is a setting you can enable or disable for each of your lists and libraries. To demonstrate how Quick Edit can be firstly found, and secondly turned on or off see the series of screen shots below.

For the purposes of this demonstration i’ve created a new list titled “Useful Sites” and included 2 links:


I’d like to add a few more items to this list. Traditionally I would select the ‘+ new item’ option which take a second to open and presents me with a new screen similar to this:


which is great. I can hit ‘Save’ and my new item appears in my list (Bing in this case).


But what happens if i want to add many more? The ‘one-by-one’ approach starts to get quite tedious.
Click on the ‘List’ tab in your top ribbon. Toward the right hand side you will find ‘List Settings’. Click on List Settings and look for ‘Advanced Settings’.

Click on ‘Advanced Settings’ and scroll down until you find the ‘Quick Edit’ function. Make sure the ‘yes’ option is marked if you want to keep Quick Edit on. This is the same location where you can also disable it of course!:


So, lets return to our data. Click back on the List tab in your ribbon and find your ‘Quick Edit’ button. Click and your list will now appear like this:

How cool is that? So i’m going to go ahead and enter 5 more items directly into this view (also copying and pasting URLs directly from page to cell):


Quick Edit also takes it a step further. If you right click your mouse on any given row you can delete your item directly from the list:


You can also Add additional columns with pre-set formats directly from the ‘+’ on the right hand side:


Once you have edited the data, simply hit the ‘Stop editing this list’ option and your changes are saved!.

There are a couple of points to remember with Quick Edit.

1. The Quick Edit option is available for your Document Libraries and Lists under ‘Advanced Settings’ if not already enabled.

2. The Quick Edit option may not be enabled if you have items grouped in a particular list or library view. To enable Quick Edit ensure that you have ungrouped your items first.

I hope you’ve found this trick useful! Stay tuned next month while we uncover what SkyDrive Pro is all about.