Forecast Everything

All Business Intelligence environments rely on some form of manually captured data that reflects judgements and decisions that take place in an organisation. Examples include:

  • Forecasts and Targets/Budgets
  • Assumptions (e.g. interest rates, decay rates, seasonal adjustments)
  • What-If scenarios

Typically data captured in spreadsheets is difficult to integrate with other systems, collection from multiple staff is time consuming to consolidate, approval processes take too long, and core systems do not allow capture of data at the right granularity.

Such problems are not limited to only financial budgeting and planning. Often there are planning scenarios for Marketing and Sales, Operations, Workforce Management and Procurement that require modelling of key drivers that will affect volumes and values, with input from a wide variety of staff.

Ultimately every part of a business needs to forecast the demand and supply for resources in order to avoid missed opportunities.

BizData has extensive experience implementing planning models for a wide range of business scenarios. Leveraging Kepion, BizData can provide an extremely cost-effective budgeting and planning solution, whilst leveraging a customer’s investment in the Microsoft BI Platform.