More Power, less Pivot

Announced in early July, Microsoft will be releasing a set of new features to complement its BI platform focused on primarily on user accessibility through:
– Mobile device and browser compatibility
– Intuitive analytics

The suite of new functionality has been named the umbrella of Power BI.

In short, Power View (the popular new drag and drop visualisation tool) will soon be able rendered in HTML5 browsers,
which widens the audience to most modern operating systems and devices.
Native apps are also planned to be released for Windows and IOS.

Power View is currently available for SharePoint and Excel 2013.

Intuitive Analytics
The data querying and mash-up tool formerly known as Data Explorer will be released as Power Query.
The three-dimensional geo-mapping tool formerly known as GeoFlow will be released as Power Map.

Most interesting is the announcement of a natural language query engine, allowing a user to type in a business question
which will be interpreted as instructions to filter the contents of a dashboard and modify the visualisation automatically.
This is specifically a feature of BI Sites, a feature to become available in Office 365.

Read the official announcement here and here

Watch it in action here

Power BI Overview