Network Navigator

The Network Navigator visual is in beta testing as at August 2016.  The network navigator takes a dataset of relationships between nodes and displays it as a graph network diagram. This can provide insight into relationships that might otherwise not be easily apparent.



The colour of the nodes and the labels on the nodes can be set by using a #123ABC colour hex code format in the colour attributes. If a node has more than one colour assigned, the first will be used.

There is a text box search functionality which appears when you hover over the diagram and will search and highlight the matching nodes. There is a setting under ‘Search’ settings which will allow you to configure whether search is case sensitive of insensitive.

Clicking a node will filter the report canvas and will highlight the selected node in a red ring.

There are two options for rendering the diagram. Turning the animate feature on (found under layout settings) will render the diagram live, and nodes will move around to generate the best layout. Turning this setting off will compute the layout and then display the diagram. This can result in a 15-20 second wait.

By default the diagram will render all nodes provided, however there is a ‘Max nodes’ setting which lets you configure how many are shown.

Node labels can be toggled on or off.

Other configurations include setting the min & max zoom as well as force directed layout parameters determining how the layout is computed such as Link distance, Link strength, Gravity and charge.