Reporting and Data Visualisation

Businesses often have access to a myriad of visualisation tools but lack a framework to utilise them to correctly cater to different audiences. This often results in an overflowing library of reports and dashboards that are not context aware, are not clearly actionable, and as a result are often rarely used.

BizData deliver an engagement framework that streamlines information delivery by identifying information needs of different stakeholders including:

  • Suitable presentation formats
  • Options for delivery of visualisations on-premises and in the cloud, and in different formats (e.g. Large Screens, Mobiles, Tablets)
  • Self-Service and Analytic needs

With specialist expertise in Microsoft BI, BizData provide best practice guidance of:

  • Layout design of Scorecards, Analytical Dashboards, Reports and Alerts
  • Self-Service Data Models and Data Mashups
  • How to leverage Power BI , SQL Server, Reporting Services, Datazen, MS Excel and SharePoint BI.

To address the needs to analyse big data, complex relationships or overlay data on real-world spatial maps and diagrams, BizData brings practical in-depth experience of developing custom visuals using D3, which can be readily published to Power BI for reuse.