Vigil – Social Analytics Accelerator

Social Media is too significant a source of customer and market insight for most businesses to treat in isolation of their internal business analytics with the ability to drive key decisions on:

  • Digital Advertising Effectiveness
  • Consumer Sentiment
  • Product and Service Design

However, it can be challenging to create an integrated view faced with:

  • Disconnected web analytics tools that do not provide a holistic view of the digital channel
  • Disconnected business data which can make it difficult to correlate social trends with financial performance
  • Difficult to handle formats, speed of data updates and data integrity issues

BizData have developed a turnkey framework that solves these challenges enabling big data processing and integration with traditional data sources without the typical complexity of building a system from the ground up.

Using the Vigil – Social Analytics Accelerator, marketing staff can use a web interface to select which social media sources to connect to, and which tags and handles to monitor. The framework automatically creates a real-time data feed into dashboards that integrate with line of business data, providing a truly actionable view of a business’s digital channel activity.